25 year company 40 year experience,
50 hotels and resorts.

Engiz Architecture and Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in 1994 as successor to Architectural Bureau of Ilyas Engiz who had laid down foundations of the Firm. The organization has become stronger and diversified its operations with the participation of A. Kutlu Engiz – Civil Engineer and later A. Erden Engiz – Architect. We will celebrate the 25 th year of the company soon and 40 th year of the father office.

Based on her unique location at Antalya, a centre of recreation and tourism at Eastern Mediterranean, accompanied with solid successful working background of the founders, the Firm has concentrated heavily on tourism based projects and designed a closed area of nearly 1.000.000 M2 as more than 50 Hotels, since 1990. Most of these hotels became popular registered trademarks and awarded by famous agencies in the World. Moreover, besides Hotels a wide variety of other projects including designing private residences, villas, educational buildings, restoration of historical buildings and urban design have been successfully completed.

Engiz Architecture & Engineering Co. Ltd. performs complete architectural and engineering services from project inception through completion of construction. As it will be kindly observed at samples of completed work presented in the catalogue, the Firm has accumulated an impressive record of achievements in the region.

The desired result of every project is client satisfaction and the process of getting there is unique to each project and each client. Therefore, our working philosophy is to strive to deliver outstanding client service without differentiating their size or complexity. The convenience and harmony with client and contractor is very important without leaving their own principles. Engiz (AEE) designed buildings should be permanent, reliable, universal, respectful to its environment besides to be unique, genuine and extra-ordinary. Even though thematic compositions are used due to demand of the client, the main concept of design is distinctive in Engiz productions.

The young architects and engineers develop their teamwork harmony of experience and new ideas in the office as in an atelier. We believe that when our hard work and patience are mixed with the confidence based on our accumulated professional experiences there is no way out but success.