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Alper Erden Engiz, Partner Architect

Brief Info:

Name/Surname: Alper Erden Engiz
Place of Birth: Ankara
Date of Birth: 17.08.1969


Erden Engiz was born in Ankara, in 1969, was educated at Antalya College and graduated from METU Department of Architecture in 1992, taking his Masters in Restoration from the same faculty in 1996.

He worked on various subjects like restoration, landscape design, urban design and stage design during the years 1992 to 2000. Since 1997 he has focused on tourism architecture after his military service. He worked with İlyas Engiz from 1997 to 2002 and from 2002 he continued his work according to his own understanding of design.

Among the structures he has designed are educational buildings like elementary schools, colleges and faculties. He also designed several private residences especially for foreign people or for businessmen. Engiz, who is fluent in English and knows Italian, is a partner of the family company and a member of the board of directors and conducts his professional work through this company.

Previous Offices:

i. Summer Practice in Cender Hotel construction site and architectural projects in İlyas Engiz office.
ii. 1992-1995 Various Office and Site Studies about Restoration
*KA-BA Cengiz Kabaoğlu Aydın Milet İlyasbey Külliyesi, Ankara Çukur Han,
* Ankara Ministry of Finance: measured drawings, restitution and restoration projects. (With Murat Özgümüş, Nezih Kırbeyi and Güliz Bilgin). Vakıf İnşaat.
*Nejat ÜREĞEN, Emre MADRAN, Alp Paşa Hotel, Tekelioğlu Houses, Balıkpazarı Bath and Tower in Antalya Citadel. (Measured drawings, restitution and analyses)
*Nimet ÖZGÖNÜL Yivli Minare Medresesi Site Management,
*Haluk ABBASOĞLU Perge Excavations
iii. 1995 – 2000 Various Project Partnerships on Urban and Landscape Design, Conservation Plans and Restoration studies
*Düden River (with Can Planning).
*Antalya City Walls (with Emre Madran and Nejat Üreğen)
iv. 1999 Antalya Film Studios Arabian Nights film Art Production back-lot designer

Registered chambers:

ANTMİMOD (Antalya Chamber of Architects), Chamber no: 17625, Office register no: 07-310


High School: Antalya College 1980-1986
BA: METU Department of Architecture 1987-1992 Graduation Date/No: 1992-36933
MA: METU Department of Restoration 1992-1996 Graduation Date/No: 1996-51726


Eşber Yolal Student Design Competition (with Murat Çetin) 1990 Citation
Building of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Antalya. Local Competition (with Nezih Kırbeyi) 1993. Second price.
Mediterranean Youth Culture and Art Park Landscape Design (with Erden Engiz and Sezen Engiz) (Antalya Municipality-1994) National Competition Citation
Güllük Multi level Auto Park, Antalya. Local Competition (with İlyas Engiz and Nezih Kırbeyi) (Antalya Municipality-1995) Citation
Young Lines 2006 AMV Young Architect Award Nomination


Balbey Mahallesi Tarihi Batı Akdeniz Mimarlık no: 12- July 1999 pp.14-15
Antalya Kaleiçi Balıkpazarı Meydanı Batı Akdeniz Mimarlık. No: 17- October 2000 pp.9-15


Urban Design Project for the conservation of Balıkpazarı Junction, Antalya Citadel Master Thesis on Restoration July 1996 METU Advisor: Gül Asatekin

Media About:

Young Lines 2006 AMV (Arkitera Architecture Database) Young Architect Award –10 Young Architects Nominees for the Prize pp 128-131
Hakan Süral Farm House: Villa-Dekorasyon y: 6 no: 21 pp.76-80
Turizmde furya ve teşvik var Proje’m y: 1 s: 3 pp.80-84
Tanıtım: Engiz Mimarlık&Mühendislik İnşaat&Yatırım y: 20 s: 2005/5 pp.88-94
Proje Tanıtım: Engiz Mimarlık&Mühendislik İnşaat&Yatırım y: 21 s: 2006/20 pp.68-72
Hotel Side Star Park Pimeks Bülten s: 1, p: 10

Consultancy and other:

• Antalya Chamber of Architects Secondary Member of Administration Committee in 2000
• Nirvana International Properties, Architectural Consultancy, Taşağıl-Manavgat in 2006
• Balbey and Haşimişçan Historical Sites Conservation Plan Consultancy (to Can Planning) in 2003.
• Guest lecturer in the Restoration Department of the Serik Vocational High School of the Akdeniz (Mediterranean) University on the course “Masonry Structure and Conservation Techniques”in 2006