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İlyas Engiz, Founder of the Company, Architect

Brief Info:

Name/Surname: İlyas Engiz
Place of Birth: Bafra/Samsun
Date of Birth: 17.08.1937


İlyas Engiz was born in Bafra/Samsun, in 1937, was educated at Samsun, Kastamonu and Bursa high schools and graduated from Academy of Fine Arts (İstanbul DGSA) Department of Architecture in 1966 by its MA licence (Master degree of Architecture). After his graduation, worked in Ankara between 1966-1971 with several masters as Utarit İzgi, Önder Küçükerman and Vedat Dalokay. He worked in several firms as a chief architect, project manager or partner designer, between 1971 and 1976 in Ankara, Kırşehir and in Antalya. He became a partner of contractor firm of construction in 1976-1982. In 1982-1995 he attended on building contracts and he continued his Architectural Design office according to his own understanding of design. He founded the firm with his two sons and transferred his experience to them. He gave up his active profession after 2005 but still continues on consulting to the firm. He has several awards in Architecture and also in Literature.

Previous offices:
i. Önder Küçükerman-Utarit İzgi office (1966-1967)
ii. Vedat Dalokay office (1970)
iii. Özcan Kırmızıoğlu office (1974-1976)

Registered chambers:

ANTMİMOD, Chamber of Architects no: 2707 Office register no: 07-085


High School: Samsun (1950-51), Bursa (1951-52) Kastamonu (1953-54),
BA-MA: Academy of Fine Arts (İstanbul DGSA) Department of Architecture in 1959-1966 Graduation Date/No: 1966-3322


Hacı Mehmet Gebizli Mosque. Successful Built Projects Award by Antalya Chamber of Architects (with Özcan Kırmızıoğlu, 1987) It is one of the first Western Mediterranean Architecture Awards.
Building of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Antalya. Local Competition (with Sezen Engiz) in 1993 Local Competition First Price
Mediterranean Youth, Culture and Art Park Landscape Design (with Erden Engiz and Sezen Engiz) (Antalya Municipality-1994) National Competition Citation
Güllük Multi level Auto Park, Antalya. Local Competition (with Erden Engiz and Nezih Kırbeyi) (Antalya Municipality-1995) Citation

Jury Memberships:

Antalya Wholesales Commercial Centre Architecture and Master Planning Limited Competition (Antalya Municipality-1987)
Antalya City Center Kalekapısı Urban Design National Competition (Antalya Municipality-1990)
Antalya Chamber of Architects Building -1992
Antalya Kalekapısı Business Center Local Competition (Şarampol Street) (Antalya Municipality-1992)

Consultancy and other:

DGSA President of Student Commission 1964-1965
Antalya Chamber of Architects. Founder Member of Administration Committee in 1980.
“Kemal Sunal Memorial Humour Awards from Malatya Municipality” in 2005 Citation
“Ümit Kaftancıoğlu Story Awards” in 2007 as first Citation.
Antalya Hilton arch.